Want to experience 1 week working at Channel 4?

Want to experience 1 week working at Channel 4? 

Looking for some first time experience in the media industry? Apply for Channel 4’s work experience programme! 

Channel 4 applications for July 17th – 21st work experience have opened today! This is a fantastic opportunity for those that want to get into the media industry and try working with a C4 department for 1 week. 

Please note individuals must be 18+ to participate in the work experience. All expenses are paid for this opportunity including accommodation for those outside of London, and reasonable adjustments can be put place for candidates who require this. The link to apply is on our 4Talent website here:

Apply here! http://4talent.channel4.com/get-involved/work-experience 

  • Company Number: 8524515
  • Lottery Funded