‘Alphabet 12’ Gala Celebration Event in 2018.

There will be an ‘Alphabet 12’ Gala Celebration Event which is currently in development which will take place in 2018 to celebrate the impact of ‘Alphabet 12’ within the community.

The event will showcase how the project started and continues to grow to a wider audience.

The ‘Alphabet 12’ Gala Celebrate Event will feature various contributors and participants of ‘Alphabet 12’ including Special Guests and much more.

Special Guests will discuss how the project has benefited the Asperger’s and Autism Community.

Project Aspie will be raising money at the event for Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery who kindly supports 'Alphabet 12' and amazing causes which benefit the local community.  

'Alphabet 12' is supported by Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery and funded by Big Lottery Fund.

Details of the 'Alphabet 12' Gala Celebration Event will be announced in 2018.

  • Company Number: 8524515
  • Lottery Funded