Angela Mahoney MEd.

Angela Mahoney MEd from Connecticut, USA is currently a middle school special educator in a remarkable program called Skills for Life where she teaches students on the autism spectrum. Skills for Life is a functional skill based program focusing on developing communication skills through sensory focused, hands-on activities in the classroom and in the community. Angela utilize an inclusion model based outside of the classroom with a focus on hands-on learning and observation in a variety of weekly community experiences. Additionally Angela has a strong passion for building vocational skills for ALL individuals. Beginning the vocational planning process at the middle school level is crucial and is the backbone of Skills for Life and my teaching daily.

Angela has worked with students of all ages in a variety of settings over the last 17 years. Angela career includes tenure at a private school where she worked with over seventy-five middle and high school aged students on a weekly basis, implementing an inclusion-based elementary program for students with autism, as well as co-teaching core academic classes as part of a team comprised of fellow middle-school educators.

Angela's passion for education and community connections has evolved into much more than she ever imagined. She is so fortunate to travel the United States sharing her vocational and life skills ideas with other wonderful, hardworking educators, inspiring along the way the best she can and always feeling inspired myself to do so much more.

Angela Mahoney will be a Special Webinar Lead Speaker for Saturday 28th October 2017 session of 'Alphabet 12' which will be focusing on 'Education'.

Saturday 28th October 2017 session of 'Alphabet 12' will be Debut Third Series of 'Alphabet 12' which will feature Dr. Zoee Bartholomew, Ed. D. from California, USA and Shawna Hardaway, MA from Little Rock, Arkansas Area,USA will also be a Special Webinar Guest Speaker.

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Becky Lyddon Founder of Sensory Spectacle based in London will be Lead Guest Speaker for the session.

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