Autism & Employment: Working Perspective by AS Mentoring

Autism & Employment: Working Perspective by AS Mentoring.

Following the success of delivering Autism Awareness Training in Birmingham, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU, AS Mentoring would like to continue the discussion of Autism and Employment. This event will cover the following:

  • What we do and why specialist support and training is needed
  • Key learnings from workshops for autistic adults
  • Hear from AS Mentoring clients about the support they receive
  • Sign-posting & resource sharing

This is a free event, numbers are limited so you must sign up- you do not need to have attended our previous training but of course we'd like to see some familiar faces.

AS Mentoring provides specialist mentoring and employment support for adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions and other neurodiverse conditions. 


Wed 3 October 2018

11:00 – 13:00 BST


1 Lancaster Circus Queensway


B4 7DJ

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AS Mentoring will be will be delivering a training workshop for a Special Mid-Week Session of 'Alphabet 12' in 2019. 

Date and details will be confirmed later this year.

More details of the 4th Series of 'Alphabet 12' which take place in October 2018 will be announced in early October 2018.   

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