Dr. Zoee Bartholomew, Ed. D.

Dr. Zoee Bartholomew from California, USA also known as “Dr. Behave” is an innovative educator specializing in facilitating how to manage challenging behaviors and address special education programming. She creatively engages with her audience through appealing to their real life problems. You can see her at work in classroom settings, in client’s homes, in the community, in a conference room, or in a meeting hall where she cleverly teaches with a direct yet calming approach. Dr. Behave is a dynamic public speaker; who captures her audience through humorous life examples to make information easily understandable to a wide variety of audiences. She is seen as a support provider serving parents, teachers, administrators, community partners, and all other stakeholders in the special needs community. Dr. Behave is an ardent advocate of the special needs community who actively participates in several local advisory groups to develop policies to maintain quality and equitable services for special needs children and adults.

Dr. Zoee Bartholomew will be a Special Webinar Guest Speaker for Saturday 28th October 2017 session of 'Alphabet 12' which will be focusing on 'Education'.

Saturday 28th October 2017 session of 'Alphabet 12' will be Debut Third Series of 'Alphabet 12' which will also feature Special Webinar Guest Speakers Angela Mahoney MEd from Connecticut, USA and Shawna Hardaway, MA from Little Rock, Arkansas Area, USA.

More info on the fantastic work Angela does please visit http://projectaspie.org.uk/news/angela-mahoney-med

More info on the fantasic work Shawna does please visit http://projectaspie.org.uk/news/shawna-hardaway-ma

Becky Lyddon Founder of Sensory Spectacle based in London will be Lead Guest Speaker for the session.

More info on the fantastic work Becky does please visit http://projectaspie.org.uk/news/becky-lyddon

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