Saturday 29th July 2017 session of 'Alphabet 12'.

On Saturday 29th July 2017 session of 'Alphabet 12' will be focusing on exploring the experience of 'ASD, Parents and Siblings'. The session will comprise of Lead Guest Speaker Gurleen Manku, followed by 2 Special Guest Webinars from T.Lynn Lewis from Canada and Mari Nosal from USA aimed at raising awareness and understanding of how Autism affects Parents and Siblings.

The session will take place at The Education Space, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery between 1:00pm - 4:30pm. Refreshments and the opportunity to network will occur between 12:00pm-12.45pm.

Gurleen Manku

Gurleen Manku studied Business Psychology BSc at the University of Worcester and graduated in 2013.

Gurleen has been working with children on the spectrum for four years and has siblings who also have ASD.  She has previously volunteered at Autism West Midlands and worked for Wolverhampton Council as a Job Coach for adults with autism and learning disabilities.  Gurleen now works for AS Mentoring supporting adults on the spectrum.  She is also a board member of The British Psychology Society's Neurodiversity and Employment Working Group and currently completing a Masters in Occupational Psychology.

T. Lynn Lewis

T. Lynn Lewis lives in beautiful British Columbia with her family.  She is married with three sons and a daughter.  Her three sons are nonverbal and have autism.  “Raising the boys along with their sister has given me the opportunity to understand autism and the way it affects relationships.  I hope the lessons taught in Jasmine's World Of Autism: At The Seawall will easily be assimilated and used to help someone out there, as it has helped me through my own journey.”

Jasmine’s World Of Autism: At The Seawall is about the adventure of a girl, Jasmine, and her three nonverbal, autistic brothers, Michael, Jimi and Wyatt.  Jasmine, along with her brothers take the readers on a ride as they have fun exploring the seawall, while they learn valuable lessons.

Her three autistic sons, along with their sister, inspired her to write, illustrate, and self-publish the book Jasmine's World Of Autism: At The Seawall. Which is a picture book that promotes inclusion and helps to raise Autism Awareness in children. “I’d like to see Jasmine’s World Of Autism: At The Seawall go into schools so that young people can learn what it’s like with a disability and that everyone can be fun, creative, and great to be with.”

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Shawna Hardaway:

Shawna Hardaway is a stay at home mum and vocal advocate of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome in the United States.  She graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2001 with Masters in Gerontology. 

Mari Nosal:

Mari Nosal, M.Ed., CECE received her B.A. in psychology and her Masters degree in Educational Foundations from Curry College.  She spent years as a school age coordinator, blogger and author, and has over 30 years’ experience within the human services and education fields.  She has had special needs articles published in several magazines.  Mari is a published author whose special needs Autism and Asperger related books can be found on Barnes and Noble and Createspace.  She is certified by the Department of Early Childhood Education as a lead preschool teacher, an infant and toddler teacher, and site coordinator qualified to manage school age programs.  She is trained in Community Crisis Intervention by the Community Crisis Intervention Team.

* Shawna Hardaway will be introducing Mari's Webinar.

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