Project Aspie Videos

Project Aspie Videos includes the Project Aspie Promotional Video.

Alphabet 12 Video.

The ‘Alphabet 12’ Video covers a visual perspective of how ‘Alphabet 12’ works as a Community Initiative bringing the Autism Community together.

Project Aspie Promotional Video.

A video covering more about Project Aspie

This video covers background on Project Aspie and much more.

Project Aspie - Training Programme Trailer.

Original trailer to Project Aspie Training Programme that was featured on Project Aspie's original website.

Project Aspie - 'Conundrum' Trailer.

The Trailer to 'Conundrum' an Educational Documentary made by Project Aspie.

The following documentary 3 real people discuss how they deal with Autism and how it affects their everyday lives.

Prince's Trust - Project Aspie Video.

Prince's Trust - Project Aspie Video.

Prince's Trust - Project Aspie Video.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Graeme's Story.

NHS Choices Video - Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Graeme's Story

This video covers more on Project Aspie Founder Graeme Croton as he discuss his late diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome.

"Asperger's Rollercoaster".

Graeme's Fixer's Project - September 2010

Graeme's Fixers Project - "Asperger's Rollercoaster" which appeared on Regional News in September 2010.

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