About the Founder

Graeme Croton - Founder 

I am a Creative Fervor, Innovator, Orator, Philosopher, Polymath and Visionary.

I have a huge passion for Creativity, Innovation, Orator, Philosophy and Visual Exploration.

My Interests away from Project Aspie includes Documentary, Film, Orator and raising awareness on Cultural Diversity and Dual Heritage within the community as well as Self-Discovery and Individualism.

I've won various National and Regional Awards.

Since my late diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome aged 25 in July 2010 in a short space of time I turned my life around from a negative into a positive. 

I have won multiple awards for the work and campaigning I have done for people with Autism including Asperger's Syndrome.

I am a great believer in the great importance of mentors and especially with what mentors can bring people and it's all about having confidence and motivation to live a healthy and independent life within the community.

I created and founded Project Aspie to enable people with Autism including Asperger's Syndrome to have a Community Voice within the Community and bringing people together.

My motto: 

Space we can recover, time never" - Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Company Number: 8524515
  • Lottery Funded