Happy Christmas and New Years 2022.

Project Aspie wishes everyone who Project Aspie has helped and supported this year a Happy Christmas and New Years 2022.

Since the Open Space Online Initiative+ was launched in autumn 2020 and through out the Covid-19 pandemic Project Aspie have helped and supported all Group Members. 

‘It's been quite difficult being in lockdown and having to social distance, I feel so isolated physically and mentally but joining the group online sessions has really helped me deal with this. It's nice to talk with people who understand the struggles I have, there is a lot of great advice and information shared amongst the group with how to cope and survive this pandemic but mostly I don't feel  as isolated anymore.’

Stephanie, Group Member of Open Space Online Initiative+

Group Members have enjoyed the Open Space Online Initiative+ which have i.e. interesting Online Subject Themes and Online Group Discussions through Zoom, Online Community Sign Posting and Telephone Support as well as Special Online Guest Speakers who have presented interesting and informative Online Workshop based discussions.

We're happy people have enjoyed Open Space Online Initiative+ and the project will continue in 2022 which will include more weekly Online Initiative Segments, Online Workshops and much more.

For more information on Open Space Online Initiative+ please visit projectaspie.org.uk/services/open-space-online-initiative

The Open Space Online Initiative+ is kindly funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

For more information on The National Lottery Community Fund please visit www.tnlcommunityfund.org.uk

In 2022 Project Aspie will be launching New Interactive Online Initiatives which will help and support people with Autism including Asperger's Syndrome during Covid-19 pandemic including Interactive Online Initiatives focusing on Mental Health, Life Coaching and Mentoring Support.

More information on these new Interactive Online Initiatives will be announced start of 2022.

Project Aspie 


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