Open Space One-to-One Initiative.
Open Space One-to-One Initiative.

The Open Space One-to-One Initiative 2020+ is an Online Project which helps and supports people with Autism including Asperger's Syndrome through-out Covid-19 pandemic.

The Open Space One-to-One Initiative including Online Group Sessions will be helping and supporting people with Autism including Asperger's Syndrome Online One-to-One Mentorship Support through-out Covid-19 pandemic.

This new project will feature Online One-to-One Mentoring Sessions and Online Group Sessions on Zoom focusing on Adapting to Change during Covid-19 and Autism Shared Lived Experiences, Behavioural Challenges, Isolation and Loneliness and Mental Health and Wellbeing and much more.

The project is geared towards bringing the Autism community together through-out Covid-19 pandemic and the project will enable all Group Members to come together and to help and support each other and gain advice and share ideas during Covid-19 pandemic.

'Open Space Initiative: provides current information and updates on Autism, provides a community support group and helps prevent isolation and advises and provides contacts for Autism condition.'

Geoff, Jean and John, Group Members of Open Space Initiative

‘Open Space Initiative helps Autistic people to brainstorm together and to help each other.’

Iain, Group Member of Open Space Initiative

‘It's been quite difficult being in lockdown and having to social distance, I feel so isolated physically and mentally but joining the group online sessions has really helped me deal with this. It's nice to talk with people who understand the struggles I have, there is a lot of great advice and information shared amongst the group with how to cope and survive this pandemic but mostly I don't feel  as isolated anymore.’

Stephanie, Group Member of Open Space Initiative

Online Mentorship and Peer Support takes place on a regular basis for individuals and this takes place on Zoom.

Open Space Initiative - Online Group Sessions take place on Wednesdays between 19.00 pm - 20.00 pm and this takes place on Zoom.

This project will take place on a regular basis till autumn 2021.

Since the Open Space One-to-One Initiative 2020+ was launched in autumn 2020 and through out the Covid-19 pandemic Project Aspie have helped and supported all Group Members. 

Group Members have enjoyed the Open Space One-to-One Initiative 2020+ which have included interesting Online Subject Themes and Online Group Discussions through Zoom, Online Community Sign Posting and Telephone Support.

Big thank you to the National Lottery Community Fund and Government for kindly funding Open Space One-to-One Initiative. 

Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund, has helped us to launch Open Space One-to-One Initiative and thanks to the Government for making this possible.

For more information on Open Space One-to-One Initiative contact Project Aspie on 0121 312 0587 or

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'Open Space One-to-One Initiative' online is helpful, informative and enables others to come together and discuss ideas and sign post opportunities for all Group Members during Covid-19 pandemic'.
Gemma, supporter of Open Space One-to-One Initiative.,
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