Project Aspie - 'Alphabet Quad' Activities.
Project Aspie - 'Alphabet Quad' Activities.

Project Aspie - 'Alphabet Quad' Activities will help and support people with Autism including Asperger's Syndrome to build Confidence, Friendships, Life Skills, and Social Skills

Project Aspie - 'Alphabet Quad' Activities is a quarterly Social Activity Scheme for members of 'Alphabet 12' which helps to build Confidence, Friendships, Life Skills, Motivation and Social Skills.

Advocates, Carers, Families, Parents and Support Workers are also welcome to attend the quarterly Social Activities.

'Alphabet Quad' Debut Activivity took place in January 2017 which was a Visit to Sky Academy Skills Studio which took place on Wednesday 18th January 2017 at The Sky Academy Skill Studios in Osterley, London.

Attendee / Service Users of ‘Alphabet 12’ enjoyed and learned so much about television production and they gained useful insight and experience.

“Sky Academy is devoted to giving opportunities to young people in the United Kingdom. Using the power of TV and Creativity we hope to support young people and unlock their potential. We pride ourselves on being inclusive initiative and look forward to Project Aspie attending our studios.”

Maria at Sky Academy Skills Studios

“This Social Activity Visit will enable Attendee / Service Users of ‘Alphabet 12’ to really enjoy an activity that will help and support people to build Friendships, Confidence, Life Skills and Social Skills and much more’

Lewis Summerfield a member of the Project Aspie Team 

'Alphabet Quad' began in January 2017.

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus all Community Events have been cancelled foreseeable future and we are following Government advice on Coronavirus.

We all know this will be difficult news for all Group Members and disappointing but we are fully committed to providing the best support as Project Aspie can in this current situation with Coronavirus.

Project Aspie will be featuring Online News Updates to all Group Members on all future events.

Please feel free to contact Project Aspie on 0121 312 0587 for any Online News Updates or Information Links.

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'These Monthly Activities will bring nothing but joy for people with ASD'.
Gavin, Service User,
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